Slender young beauty nude – Marina

Photographing a slender young beauty nude such as this girl Marina from Met-Art is often considered an art form.  Usually I would agree with that sentiment wholeheartedly but with this splendid lovely blonde it is hard to imagine any scenario where she could be nude on film and have it not be a masterpiece.  Like a sunset or the aurora borealis over a British Columbian lake, sometimes the subject matter is so stunning it really deserves all the credit when pictured.  This slim babe’s delicate face and dainty little physique are definitely of that quality.

Her girly body is an ideal specimen to show off the wonders of the female form.  Her skin looks to be so smooth that silk would seem to be a cat’s tongue in comparison and her complexion would make milk appear impure.  Indeed, even her soft blonde hair looks fragrant.  On the subject of her small breasts… wow, they have known gravity for less than a decade and it shows, have ever a pair of tits been more perfectly suited to the cupping of a hand?  And that cute little butt; tightly wrapped in jeans, hinted at under a sun dress, or seductively nude as it is here, her petite cute butt is ideal for all occasions.

This slender young beauty nude and her cute little butt is just one (though an excellent one) example of the multitude of gorgeous naked teen girls Met-Art has to offer. Take the free tour here.

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