Petite cute Russian oiled nude – Ira

This petite cute Russian girl Ira from really knows how to draw attention to her assets.  With tiny oiled nude body glistening in the light, the curves of her small breasts and slender legs are a juxtaposition of radiance and flesh.  The ends of her sandy blonde hair slightly clumped together, oiled from brushing gently against her petite naked bosom, seems to hint at a certain approachability. That this Russian cutie is no Princess despite her fragile frame and delicate features and knows how to have a little fun.

At least I prefer to interpret it that way.  And who could blame me for that?  The only thing finer than ogling the sexy curvature of a young babe is to get to run a hand along that surface.  Exploring her every contour, caressing her nooks and massaging her crannies.  Even a girl as small and waif-like as Ira has places to lose your hand in… and if not, it certainly looks like it would be fun trying to find them.  Maybe that is how she got so oily to begin with; a little lubrication to guide a lover’s hand perhaps?

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