Perfect teen ass wet and glistening – Kasia

This perfect teen ass, all wet and glistening, belongs to young blonde Polish hottie Teen Kasia.  I am not sure which I find cuter: this girl’s face or her wonderful butt.  Seriously, the sweetness of her omnipresent little sideways grin is almost too much to bear.  It seems both suggestive and innocent at the same time, like some subtle hint of hungry sexuality hidden below her sweet friendly veneer.  Or maybe it is her eyes that tell that story, remarkably pale blue with a sleepy-sultry quality to them that is hard to describe.

Beyond the adorable beauty of her face, her red hot body is every bit as good if not better, a fact driven home right in the middle of it all.  That ass.  Oh that ass.  As exquisitely shaped and flawlessly contoured as any little bum could ever hope to be.  Well muscled enough to have that athletic firmness and curvature to it yet still soft and silky smooth enough that it looks like it would make the greatest pillow ever.  If an exact replica of her amazing butt were to be made into a pillow who amongst us wouldn’t honestly buy at least two on the first day?

The water from the pool coating her perfect teen ass with shiny moisture is perhaps the greatest use of a liquid yet discovered by man.  To get your fill of beautiful Polish Teen Kasia and her awesome body take the Teen Kasia free tour here.

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