Busty black-haired beauty with sexy curves

Busty black-haired beauty Gwen from MC-Nudes.com shares her sexy feminine curves with us today.  This toned raven woman almost looks mad at observers of her exquisite firm naked body.  I kind of like that, its like she feels I am being very naughty for witnessing her in such a state (though she is certainly putting no effort towards covering up) and she is about to punish me for it.  Not really my sort of thing but with a woman so strikingly gorgeous one doesn’t object to too much, you just ride where she wants to go and praise your lucky stars for such good fortune.

She is an excellent specimen of what is possible in a slender sculpted female body.  Clearly her tight athletic body shows she has paid close attention to her fitness and diet, but more importantly she has maintained the defining feminine curvature to her voluptuous medium breasts and round ass.  Judging from pictures that really focus on her well toned ass and legs it seems she has actually increased their curvature through exercise, an impressive feat that many others have fallen short of achieving.

This sultry display of busty black-haired beauty put forth by the lovely Gwen today is indicative of the sort of sensual shoots you can find at MC-Nudes.com and its free tour.

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Pale beautiful girl is a nude goddess

What can be said about pale beautiful girl Francesca from X-Art.com? She is as close to being a nude goddess as you are going to find.  If ever there were a body and face worthy of worship, Francesca has them.  Her white-blonde hair and striking pink complexion are both as pure and unblemished as the snow covered meadows they look to belong in.  Indeed, this young naked girl possesses the kind of beauty that would have inspired men of the frozen lands of yore to the greatest and worst of accomplishments.  Ships would set sail to spread her glory and wars would start at the slightest insult to her perfection.

Once she has stripped out of her white t-shirt the only way to describe her slender nudity is awe-inspiring.  The rosy complexion of her small breasts and the hard erect nature of her nipples give the impression of her being an oasis of warmth in a freezing environment.  Really, between her pink pretty mouth, icy blue eyes, pale blonde hair and light skin, this beautiful girl is like a perfectly color coded personification of the north.  Simultaneously innocent and dangerous, pure and complex, young and timeless, hot and cold; this gorgeous exotic girl is a study in sensual juxtaposition.

Highly stylized presentations of young nude beauty such as seen here with this pale beautiful girl is what X-Art.com does better than anyone.  The X-Art.com free tour will give you a greater appreciation for their erotic artistry.

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Hardbody babe plays with her pussy

This hardbody babe is Trista Stevens and here she strips out of her sporty little outfit and plays with her pussy outdoors for everyone to enjoy.  Her body is firm and toned while still being undeniably feminine; the classic characteristics of a fitness model.  Those perfect little hand sized breasts with their perky erect nipples perched above her well defined abs are a sexy combination indeed.  The only thing harder than her physique would be deciding what to touch on it first.

You can take a tour of her site here to see the multitude of videos and photo sets of this raven haired hardbody babe available and check out the other 12 sites that are packaged with it too.

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Skinny blonde teen with hot tiny tits

Skinny blonde teen Francesca from X-Art.com strips off her bikini to pose naked and seduce with her slim sexy body and hot tiny tits.  This stunning slender beauty and her perfect pouty lips always drives me wild.  She has such a strong sullen spoiled brat air to her in this shoot it is just irresistible.  I have never seen anyone so clearly ask for her tight little ass to be spanked as this gorgeous teen does here, and she does it all wordlessly with her breathtakingly exotic eyes and mouth.

This young babe must have actively worked to master her amazing sultry gaze.  When all her friends were playing Barbie was she standing naked in front of the mirror practicing turning herself on?  Whatever secrets this tall beautiful girl has learned in her scant few years on this planet she has learned them well indeed.  I imagine even a 10 year coma patient would feel an intense stimulation with just a steamy exhale of hot breath from her phenomenal lips.  That she actually goes a step further and reveals her spectacular nubile body and presents her wondrous tight pussy is a dream come true.

Somehow the mind-boggling beauty of dazzling skinny blonde teen Francesca and her hot tiny tits is not unique over at X-Art.com and its free tour, they actually have a number of girls this stunning there.  Their erotic artistry needs to be seen to be believed.

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Stunning nude with natural vibrant beauty

Stunning nude blonde Ilona from JustNude.com shares her natural vibrant beauty and slender naked feminine figure in a cold Russian lake.  I think my favorite thing about her considerable sex appeal is that it is so effortless.  Everything about what we see here indicates she is a genuine and fun loving natural beauty with no pretensions or problematic quirks of personality.  Certainly such a stunning beauty could get away with a fair deal of baggage, that she immediately appears not to only adds to her attractiveness.

Her friendly smile is very alluring in that it seems to come so easily, like her lovely face was created solely to deliver that radiant beam of happiness.  This well-practiced ease is what allows us to best gauge how cool it would be to hang around with her.  To be with this wet playful Goddess is as pleasurable on the first minute as it is on the millionth.  A tall, slender, small-breasted body and breathtaking clean gorgeousness are excellent attributes but if you drive everyone around you insane who really cares,  With this girl it is all the upside and none of the down.

The fun-loving charm of vibrant beauty Ilona and her stunning nude body are products of the lifelong search for natural female wonder by the artists over at JustNude.com, here is their free tour.

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