Dark haired Russian beauty naked at beach

This spectacular dark haired Russian beauty is Maria from MPL Studios.  Seeing her body naked at the beach is an awe inspiring sight indeed, from head to toe it is hard to find any fault in this gorgeous slender young woman.  The friendliness of her warm smile adds an attractiveness that goes beyond being merely a pretty mouth, though it is certainly that too.  There is no aloofness like you might expect from such a lovely girl, she is simply as free as the clean raven hair that frames her beautiful face.

Moving down to look at her body it is hard not to notice how fitting the scene of the photo shoot is as this girl looks like she swims five miles naked every morning in some cold northern lake.  The lean lines of her taut, naturally athletic physique are as sexily feminine as her face is gorgeous.  Her high firm medium breasts are like a dream of perfection, their solid roundness peaked by the jut of her hard excited nipples.

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